Why Social Medial Marketing Services is Important?

Once Dale Carnegie famously said “When dealing with people, remember you are not dealing with creatures of logic, but creatures of emotion.”

In current marketing parlance, this quote doesn’t quite qualify in today’s scenario. New age marketing is all about tapping into human emotions with a logical approach. One of the most logical approaches for a business is to be on social media. With majority of the consumers of social media being millennial, having a feed that resonates with the current trends and staying ahead of the curve is crucial. According to survey done by Microsoft in 2015, attention span of a human mind has reduced to 8 seconds which is even shorter than that of a golf fish (it can boast of an extra 1 second!!). This is why it is important to rope in a social media marketing experts. Let’s see how our social team can curate and implement those strategies keeping in mind your business goals.

  1. Social Media Marketing Strategy

We will audit your current scenario and tailor make social media marketing strategies keeping the business goal in mind.

  1. Social Profile Creation

We will identify those platforms where you should have presence and people should be talking about you. We will create those profiles and manage those channels to attract audience and create a buzz about your business.

  1. Voice and Tone

Our social media marketing services are tuned to become the voice and set a tone for your profiles which makes your business unique and identifiable with the audience that is engaged with your business.

  1. Managing your social PR

With our close association with major players in field of journalism and publishing, our social influencer friends and authoritative figures in the blogging world, we can help bridge those gaps between offline and online content which basically means that your content will have greater audience.

  1. Analysis and Reporting

This might sound all mathematics, but analysis of your social media health has key indicators of how the business is performing on those platforms. Our social team analyses and points out  how many new users are being acquired, what is the behavior of the visitors on the page and what kind of posts get the maximum traction? This helps us gain insight about what social media marketing strategies are working for the business and also realign ourselves if we are moving away from the business goals.

This is just a bird’s eye view of what all we are capable of doing. Get in touch with our social team right away and make a world of difference in how your business interacts on social media.


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