Why combine PPC and Inbound marketing For Better Results?

If we go by what some marketers think, pay-per-click (PPC) advertising and inbound marketing are opposite to each other. But, the reality is that PPC is actually a subsidiary of inbound marketing.

PPC is a useful part of inbound marketing because PPC can be utilized in inbound marketing strategies for business leads.

PPC online marketing

Utilize the content properly and your business will gain more engagement and recognition, eventually getting you more potential customers. According to studies, almost 61% internet users do research about the products before buying them online. Quality content is an essential thing today to attract and engage potential customers. Merging blogs/articles/write-ups and SEO techniques have become a popular practice in inbound marketing and well-written blogs get more favour from search engines while ranking them.

Now, pay per click (PPC) is an important part of Google’s AdWords platform and it is used by both small to big businesses to get traffic directly from Google search engine. Advertisements are displayed on top and bottom of organic results. And, the interesting fact is that more than forty-five percent of online shopper initiates buying process using search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc.

All you need to do is set a budget, schedule time, and bid right to reach your potential customers easily. It requires an ad copy with targeted keywords having large search volume to get more traffic your web page or website.

Every PPC campaign may not generate desired revenue instantly. It demands continuous monitoring and refining of strategies to maximize return on investment. To get the finest result in the campaign, constant testing and optimization are required which includes selecting right geographic locations, setting right keyword match types, keyword bids, testing various ads types, and so on. It is advised to take help of a company specialized in PPC online marketing for best results and revenue.

Don’t be in dilemma of choosing PPC or inbound marketing. To stay ahead in the business game, include both PPC and inbound marketing in your marketing strategy. PPC gives an initial push to your marketing strategy while inbound marketing keeps your strategy afloat in the cut throat competition. Using PPC with a well-executed inbound marketing strategy will surely get you success.


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