5 Elements Which Makes a Good Website?

A good responsive website can be a deal breaker for any business and this rapidly changing marketing landscape demands a strong online presence. A company’s website is seen as a powerful asset for the business and acts as a salesman to showcase marketing efforts. But, rapidly changing technology makes website outdated and incompatible very soon. Today, it is a challenge to maintain a website according to the latest technological advancements. While a creative web design company plans a new website for your company, there are some crucial elements which should always be there on your website to keep your clients and customers engaged with your brand.

Voogital presents you some ways to make your website an attractive one by making the following changes:

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1) Smart Use Of White Space

An efficient use of white space in the website is a part of good design and it draws user focus on elements surrounding the text. According to studies, adequate white space around text helps a website look fresh and also increases user attention by almost 20%.

2) Quick Loading Time

Long loading time of website pages leads to bad user experience. It increases bounce rate and frustrates the user. Today, people are exposed to different types of devices and use them to access online content. Hence, a website is required to load fast on a variety of platforms. Remember, it is a fast world and if the users do not get information fast, they will leave you and move ahead. Even a two-second delay in the loading time of any website can result in almost 87% bounce rate.

3) Use Of Images

Internet users are getting smarter and judge websites quickly on the basis of its look and feel. Images are known to increase the interest of users in the website, so it is advised to use only those images which are fresh and conveys the message of your brand to plant a feeling of trust in the website users.

4) Attractive Headings

Impressive and creative headings do draw attention of potential customers. A heading containing keywords can do wonders as such headings are given more importance by search engines. The heading is a clear mirror of your content that communicates vital message to the users.

5) A Responsive & Mobile-Friendly Website

A huge percentage of users use mobile phones to go online, so make sure your website is mobile compatible. Even Google gives more preference to mobile optimized websites making responsiveness crucial to reach top search results.


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